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latest videos

Throughout the last years I've been working on some great productions, here are a few examples for you to see!

Demo Reel

My Demo Reel of almost everything I've done so far in my videocareer. This includes: multiple travel videos, the award nominee documentary & RCC Event.

Documentary: Francien

This documentary was broadcasted on live television on the 3rd of may 2019 at RTV Noord Holland and got nominated or the CampusDoc FilmFestival 2019

We wanted to make a documentary about a huge problem called sexting. Back in the day Francien Regelink took a picture of her boobs which turned around her life in bad way. After a while she recovered and her life got better than ever before. Nowadays she helps people who suffer the same thing. In 2019 it is even more of a problem than it was back in 2001. Thanks to Social Media.

Paperclip Challenge

Do you wanna play a game? Is the title of our 1 episode youtube career. This production was made during the minor Video & Television. We had full control over what we wanted to work on during the 'free production course'. Seeing as we were with eight people, we took four cameras and four competitors. Me and a classmate all edited it together.

The goal of the challenge is to trade the paperclip into something more valuable. The one with the lowest value had to perform at the damsquare.

Allerhande Social Video

Allerhande wanted us to think of a new concept for their Social Media feeds. This concept is situation based. In this first episode you'll see a student who came out of class late and wants to have a cheap and quick meal.

Other situations are: what do eat during a neighbourhood BBQ? Quick and easy meals during a campingtrip. 21 dinner meal dinners.

Sunset Timelapse

Quick and easy timelapse from the sunset at Scheveningen!

Aftermovie POW!WOW! Festival

My unofficial aftermovie of streetfestival POW!WOW! Rotterdam. This event included a graffiti battle, freerunning, basketball shootouts and an afterparty.

Travel video: Kilimanjaro

One of the hardest things I've ever done in my entire life: climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro: The Roof Of Africa.



Documentary: Francien

Nominated for CampusDoc FilmFestival 2019

Broadcasted on RTV Noord Holland

Brands I worked with

Rotterdam Charity Club Allerhande nhmedia Real Beauty Kpn

design projects

Eyecatching concepts and visuals




An infographic I made a while ago. The information might be a bit outdated, you can for example add tanzania to the list now. Click the image for a better look.



Conceptual design

The problem

Design an online environment for kids of group 4 and 5 of the primary school where they should study without knowing that they are studying.

The concept

After some research and brainstorming, we came up with our final concept called ClassCity. It is based on the Sims. Every classroom gets their own city and every student their own house. They can expand their house by solving e.g. math problems or other school related questions. They can expand the city by working together on problems which leads them to build a cinema or other public places. On the left you'll find the styleguide we used. Below are some flowcharts and other images! Click at the image for more images!


Redesigning a community

Service Design

The problem

A street in The Hague called Tarwekamp is not as lively as the municipality would like it to be.

The concept

We made a public space in a big building where people would be able to join different workshops, like cooking, drawing or anything they want cause they'll be able to create their own workshops and invite their neighbours. People would get notified by a digital and offline newspaper so they won't miss out on the events.


Real beauty Web Design

Webdesign & Webdevelopment

This is a website I designed for a local pedicure and beauty specialist. She wanted to have a one pager with a fixed set of colors which was easy to read and summed up her prices and work.

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