Purpose of this newsroom

Hi all!

What to expect in this newsroom?

In here I’ll write about everything and anything which I think is interesting and related to content creation. It can be something I learned today, youtubers where I learned a lot of my current skills from, new LUTS I bring out to the market and interesting projects I’m going to work on.

Who am I?

I’m just a humble 25 year old guy who wants to enjoy his life during and after quarantine. I did my fair share of studies and internships. Worked as a student at a few different companies and had my first experience has a full time videographer for an online company. I also do some freelancing, but I don’t consider that work, more as a hobby.

Why should you read whatever I write?

Well, if you are interested in what I have been upto, if you want to learn something about videography, photography or content creation, if you want the occasional free LUT which I’ll bring out to the market then stay tuned and add this page to your favorites.